Research on rural indoor cable leakage detection and localization


Through the analysis of the characteristics of most of rural indoor cable routing adopting wall concealed laying and there being more nodes in the lines, for the problems of leakage detection and location of rural indoor cables presenting small leakage current and different cable parameters in the same house, this paper designs a kind of handheld testing device with a certain precision and convenience. According to the magnetic field signal being generated by leakage current, inspection tour method is applied to leakage detection and location of rural indoor cable. The mathematical model of magnetic field generated by current carrying cable is established through Biot-Savart's Law. It is to calculate the size of a magnetic field generated by the leakage current. The leakage points are located by using the magnetic field signal's differences before and after it. Applying MULTISM simulation verifies the feasibility of the signal processing circuit. Set up the testing platform, and measure the magnetic field generated by the current of less than 30mA, and further verified the feasibility of the analog circuit.


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